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1. How to join in?
First you need to Sign up on the British Taekwondo Hub. Please click this link to Sign Up

If you are Over 18, you need to put your details. If you are under 18 then Guardian/Parents details need to be filled in first. Once you create your account you can add your kids under your account. Click on My members and go to create new member on the left panel and follow the instructions.

Membership Type: Click on “Member Or Guardian/Parent”

When you register as a Member you will see Club option, if you select Guardian/Parent then you won’t see Club option. 

We have 5 clubs please select one of these.

Way Taekwondo 3.001 (Folkestone Club)
Way Taekwondo 3.002 (St. Simon Church, Ashford)
Way Taekwondo 3.003 (Kingsnorth, Ashford)
Way Taekwondo 3.006 (Ladies Fitness & Self-defence Class, Ashford)

Way Taekwondo 3.007 (Canterbury)

Please read terms & conditions before you sign up.

Once you complete registration Instructor will receive notification email and he will contact you for the payment. 

You need to pay registration fee to Way Taekwondo Club.

If you need any help, contact us.

Master Ista Gurung

Mob: +44 7450 260314


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